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We encourage all parents/guardians to help their children learn financial literacy skills by making the topic interesting and enjoyable. The Centsables® website is an engaging financial literacy tool for children ages 6-12. We are confident that you and your youngsters will find this site to be an entertaining way to learn the skills needed for a lifetime of good money management.

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Just a reminder...if you have assets outside of this firm (such as savings bonds, CD, or your current employer's retirement plan), and you would like for us to include those assets in you overall asset allocation assessment, do not forget to get us updated figures. You should be getting your year-end statements within the next couple of weeks, so it is a great time for us to refresh and revise, as needed.

  • Be Sure You Have an Electronic/Media Estate Plan

At Katterhenry Investment Group, we try to remind you regularly about beneficiary designations and other traditional estate planning steps. In today’s day and age, we need to think virtually as well.

Be sure that you have safely stored user names and passwords for every online and digital account. Don’t forget accounts that don’t have an actual financial value—Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, email accounts, Amazon, photo websites, retail websites, etc. Put passwords in your safe or a Dropbox account. Choose carefully about whom you want to have access to which accounts once you are gone.

Document your post-mortem wishes about whether you want accounts shut down or kept up.

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Are you prepared to fund two or three decades of retirement? Many individuals are not, and that has led some to postulate that there will be a longevity crisis. Rising health-care costs, diminishing defined-benefit pension plans, and the uncertain future of Social Security all pose challenges and risks for retirees. Please view this brochure which talks about these challenges and the way we should be planning for them.

There is often a point in life when our clients find that their needs and wishes are more than met by what they already have. There is a wide age range that such a realization may come to fruition. You may be surprised to hear that we often help clients obtain life insurance coverage even in their 70’s and 80’s! The purpose of life insurance at that age is very different than it was when they were raising young children. Life insurance becomes an incredibly efficient wealth transfer vehicle later in life.

If you are forced to take Required Minimum IRA distributions you don’t need, would like to leverage lower tax brackets, and/or you simply want to know more about how your children and grandchildren may benefit more than the IRS upon your passing, take time to read this brochure.

Today, more than ever before, people are changing jobs, leaving their jobs, or facing the decision about when to retire. Many of these individuals are unsure of their options regarding their retirement savings. When you change jobs or retire, you generally have four options for dealing with the assets in your former employer's retirement plan. Learn more about these options in our special report, "Options for Your Retirement Plan Savings".

Most of us think of our estate plan as our will or living trust. However, in many cases, those documents have no effect on some of your most important assets. Instead, your beneficiary designations control who will receive those assets. This document provides you with ten things everyone should know and keep in mind about their beneficiary designations.

Many people will need long-term care at some point in their lives, but this should not threathen their savings or their loved one's savings.

Here you will find answers to some frequently asked long-term care insurance questions.

Many of our clients are in the position of needing to help elderly parents get skilled nursing care. If you or someone you know is going through this process, this checklist may be  helpful tool in making such a tough choice.

One area of common concern and confusion for clients is insurance. How much is too much? How much is too little? This information should help bring some of these issues to light. However, as with all aspects of your portfolio, there is no universal answer that fits everyone. We welcome the opportunity to review your personal insurance needs with you and answer your specific questions and concerns!

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Click on the above link to use the Hands on Banking program. This website is designed to help people of all age groups learn how to take charge of their future. Use the Hands on Banking® program to find the knowledge and skills you need to manage money to your best advantage.